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Open Your Ears

By Lucas Wright
Posted on February 18, 2010 | Arts & Culture | Comments Off on Open Your Ears

Close Your Eyes, a hardcore rock band from Abilene, kicked off its first tour with a CD release party and signing at Hastings Entertainment on South 14th Street.

“It’s going to be a really fun night,” said Shane Raymond, lead vocalist for Close Your Eyes. “We’re going to play Rock Band here in a bit. We’ll take on all challengers. The gauntlet has been thrown down.”

Rick Linus, sales director for Victory Records, said Hastings has been one of their best partners.

“We always try to do events together,” Linus said. “They really stepped forward, especially now with other major chains taking music sales for granted.”

The Abilene-born band filmed its first music video in Abilene last week and will start touring this month to promote its debut album, We Will Overcome, that hit stores Monday.

Only a handful of people turned out for the signing, but the band played for a packed house during its show Wednesday night at the Rose Park Activity Center.

Andy Munoz, junior art major from Escondido, Calif., and his band Swing the Lead were one of five bands that opened for Close Your Eyes at the concert.

“It’s really good to see them succeed like this, having known them for so long,” Munoz said.

With support from the Abilene community, the future looks bright for Close Your Eyes.

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