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Intramural games heat up for rivalry week

By Zane Goggans
Posted on February 12, 2010 | Sports | Comments Off on Intramural games heat up for rivalry week

Rivalry weekend has come and passed for ACU intramural basketball. Students were on the edge of their seats as the chances for bragging rights rolled on.

The quest for the basketball championship in the Champ and Rec leagues is near, and the competition is intensifying with each game. The fifty teams that began the season will be stripped away one by one when the actual tournament begins Feb. 22.

With Sing Song next weekend, rivalry weekend became an appetizer for a huge part of the ACU tradition. Brennan Utley, freshman graphic design major from Duncanville, believes the rivalry weekend preluding Sing Song this year was an excellent way to rev up school spirit.

“I honestly think that this is one of the most exciting times of the year,” Utley said. “With the Super Bowl just finishing and Sing Song coming up, rivalry weekend for intramurals was sweet. Not to mention, Spring Break is a few short weeks away.”

Some of the weekend’s winners included Sigma Theta Chi and Gamma Sigma Phi. As the Siggies took on Ko Jo Kai, GSP battled it out with Galaxy in a heated match.

The game featuring the two men’s clubs came down to the wire. Galaxy overcame an 11-point halftime deficit to tie the game in the final minute. Cade Davis hit a layup with three seconds left to give GSP a 32-30 lead and the win.

Mark Jackson, assistant director of intramural sports, tries to get the players and fans excited about these games. His job is to decide which social clubs will duke it out.

“We try to have Galaxy and GSP play at least once,” Jackson said. “It’s just really good for the social clubs to interact in a great environment such as intramurals.”

The Siggies’ Rec team downed the Kojies with an 11-point victory, but the Kojies got their revenge in the Championship League, defeating the Siggies.

“These are probably our two biggest games in intramural basketball,” Jackson said. “The goal is to get the clubs to interact while having fun.”

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