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LiveBlog Coverage: No. 1 ACU vs. West Texas A&M

By Jeff Craig
Posted on October 17, 2009 | LiveBlog | Comments Off on LiveBlog Coverage: No. 1 ACU vs. West Texas A&M

1:53:52 PM: It’s a gorgeous day in Abilene, we have sunny skies, a light breeze, and a temperature of 66 degrees

2:08:54 PM: 1Q 14:55 ACU starts at their own 36 yd line

2:10:23 PM: 1Q 14:12 Gales first pass of the game is intercepted WT has it at the ACU 36 yd line

2:13:00 PM: 1Q 13:28 huge 10 yd sack by Kevin Washington makes it 3rd and 20 for WT

2:13:54 PM: 1Q 12:35 WT converts 4th and 3 and is in the red zone

2:17:38 PM: 1Q 10:32 ACU holds West Texas to a fieldgoal the score is WT 3. ACU 0

2:19:23 PM: 1Q ACU will start their second drive at their 20 yd line… Trailing WT 3-0

2:24:34 PM: 1Q 7:45 ACU punts WT has it at their own 25 yd line… The score remains WT 3 ACU 0

2:27:46 PM: 1Q 6:43 Aston Whiteside sacks WT QB Taylor Harris to force punt

2:30:31 PM: 1Q 4:41 ACU is driving at the WT 43…still trailing 3-0

2:34:46 PM: 1Q 2:17 1st and goal ACU

2:36:29 PM: 1Q Touchdown Reggie Brown…ACU punches it in from the 1 yd line and now leads 7-3

2:39:58 PM: At the end of the 1st quarter it’s # 1 ACU 7 WT 3 at homecoming 2009

2:47:20 PM: 2Q 14:00 The Wildcat defense holds as WT misses a 47 yd field goal attempt ACU leads 7-3

2:49:00 PM: 2Q 12:03 ACU is driving after a 16 yd pass to Dennis Campbell

2:53:24 PM: 2Q 11:00 ACU is in Buffal territory leading 7-3 thanks to Browns 1Q TD run

2:54:20 PM: 2Q 10:39 ACU downs Mark Spragues punt at the WT 5 yd line

2:56:19 PM: 2Q 9:57 ACU sacks Harris at his own 2yd line

2:58:42 PM: 2Q 8:36 WT is marching down the field and has the ball at their own 45 yd line trailing 7-3

3:02:57 PM: 2Q 6:28 ACU starts from their 1 yd line after a good WT punt… ACU leads 7-3

3:04:56 PM: 2Q 6:24 Richardson tackled in the endzone for a safety… The new score is ACU 7 WT 5

3:09:41 PM: 2Q 4:33 a 44 yd pass from harris has WT at the ACU 1 yd line

3:10:34 PM: 2Q 4:17 WT scores from 1 yd out, and now leads #1 ACU 12-7

3:13:08 PM: 2Q 4:17 ACU takes over at their own 34 yd line after the kickoff… WT 12 ACU 7

3:16:28 PM: 2Q 2:22 a huge 16 yd pass to Campbell has ACU inside the WT 40 yd line still trailing 12-7

3:19:29 PM: 2Q 1:17 first down ACU at the WT 15 yd line

3:20:39 PM: 2Q 00:45 first and goal ACU

3:24:09 PM: 2Q 00:14 Daryl Richardson is in the endzone for the Wildcats…who regain the lead. The score ACU 14 WT 12

3:26:03 PM: At the end of the half it’s ACU 14 West Texas A&M 12

3:37:48 PM: Coach Thomsen appreciates the effort out of his team in the first half. He wants to minimize turnovers that cost his team pts ACU 14 WT 12

3:45:44 PM: Megan Holland is the 2009 ACU homecoming queen

3:55:26 PM: Start of 3Q WT will start from their own 9 yd line trailing 14-12

3:58:48 PM: 3Q 13:22 ACU takes over after punt at there 43 yd line leading 14-12

4:02:05 PM: 2Q 12:12 ACU is at the WT 34 yd line

4:05:06 PM: 3Q 9:45 ACU is at the WT 15 yd line

4:05:06 PM: 3Q 9:45 ACU is at the WT 15 yd line

4:08:08 PM: 3Q 7:49 Lineberry misses a 29 yd field goal… The score remains ACU 14 WT 12

4:12:44 PM: 3Q 6:30 Nick Jones sacks Harris for a big loss

4:15:19 PM: 3Q 5:05 WT’s Keithon Flemming hauls in a 3 yd TD pass from Taylor Harris, the missed conversion means WT now leads 18-14

4:17:15 PM: 3Q 4:59 ACU returns the buffalo kick to their own 26 yd line

4:21:04 PM: 3Q 2:55 ‘cats are in Buff territory at the 43 yd line trailing 18-14

4:26:16 PM: At the end of the third quarter #1 ACU trails West Texas 18-14 at homecoming 2009

4:29:41 PM: 4Q 14:26 for the second time today Daryl Richardson is in the endzone….ACU retakes the lead 21-18

4:30:19 PM: ACU RB Daryl Richardson has nine touchdowns in his last 3 games

4:36:34 PM: 4Q 12:04 ACU defense forces a punt…they take over at their own 22 yd line

4:41:18 PM: 4Q 10:15 Gale is intercepted for the second time WT had it at the ACU 29

4:45:41 PM: 4Q 7:49 WT scores to retake the lead 25-21

4:51:52 PM: 4Q 6:08 ACU punts, WT has it at their 23 yd line leading ACU 25-21

4:57:37 PM: 3Q 3:41 WT is threatening inside the ACU 10

4:59:07 PM: 4Q 3:04 1st and goal for WT who leads 25-21

5:02:25 PM: 4Q 2:10 WT has scored again and now leads #1 ACU 32-21

5:04:44 PM: 4Q 2:10 ACU will start from their own 34 trailing by 11

5:07:45 PM: 4Q 1:09 WT sacks Gale bringing up 4th and 15 as ACU tries to hang on trailing 32-21

5:09:09 PM: 4Q 1:03 WT takes over on downs up by 11

5:10:00 PM: Final WT takes a knee, and will upset the nation’s #1 team 32-21

5:12:00 PM: ACU falls to 7-1 West Texas improves to 3-5 thanks for following Optimist live blog coverage… Have a good afternoon
7:10:48 PM: Final WT takes a knee, and will upset the nation’s #1 team 32-21

7:12:48 PM: ACU falls to 7-1 West Texas improves to 3-5 thanks for following Optimist live blog coverage… Have a good afternoon

7:34:07 PM: 5:30 p.m. Half an hour until kickoff. The ninth ranked Wildcats are facing the 11th ranked Texans of Tarleton.

7:59:00 PM: 1Q 15:00 ACU wins the toss and will defer to the second half. The Texans will be receiving the ball to start the game.

8:02:33 PM: 1Q 14:53 Texans return the opening kick to the 27 yard line.

8:03:25 PM: 1Q 14:53 Texans false start penalty 1st and 15.

8:05:31 PM: 1Q 13:58 Wildcats force a three an out. Kendrick Johnson to receive the punt.

8:06:36 PM: 1Q 13:46 After the punt, the Wildcats take over on the Texan 46 yard line.

8:11:13 PM: 1Q 12:19 the Wildcats go three an out as well. Texans take over at their own 20.

8:14:49 PM: 1Q 10:08 Wildcats force a punt from the Texans’ 40 yard line. Johnson fair catches the ball on the ACU 30 yard line.

8:19:41 PM: 1Q 8:00 Wildcats convert on a 3rd and 20 to keep the drive alive.

8:21:01 PM: 1Q 7:43 Gale has hit Kendrick Johnson on two consecutive passes. Wildcats are down to the Texan 27.

8:22:51 PM: 1Q 6:32 Raymond Radway makes a great catch on the nine yard line. 1st and goal from the nine.

8:26:16 PM: 1Q 5:03 Gale riffles a pass on the receiver’s hands that is then picked off. Texans’ ball at their own 27.

8:28:35 PM: 1Q 2:59 Wildcats force a three an out again. They will start the drive from their own 26 yard line.

8:32:32 PM: 1Q 1:03 Wildcats drive to midfield before having to punt. The Texans will take over from their own 14 yard line.

8:34:55 PM: 2Q 15:00 End of the 1st quarter 0-0. The Texans have the ball at their own 34 yard line.

8:37:11 PM: First quarter stats. Wildcats have 93 yards of total offense, while the Texans have 43. ACU’s defense has played well, just haven’t scored.

8:38:33 PM: 2Q 14:02 After another Texan punt the WIldcats take over on their own 28 yard line.

8:44:16 PM: 2Q 12:20 Gale completes a 21 yard pass on 3rd and 12 for a Wildcat first down.

8:49:13 PM: 2Q 10:00 Gale gets sacked forcing the Wildcats to punt. The Texans muff the punt on their own eight yard line. 1st and goal.

8:50:40 PM: 2Q 9:14 3rd and goal from the one yard line. The Texans take a timeout. Both teams have two timeouts remaining.

8:52:14 PM: 2Q 8:40 Richardson is stopped on the run forcing a Lineberry FG. 3-0 Wildcats.

8:55:15 PM: 2Q 8:25 Texans return the kick to the 25 yard line.

8:59:10 PM: 2Q 6:38 Wildcats force another punt. ACU will start the drive on their own 42 yard line.

9:01:18 PM: 2Q 5:45 ACU converts again on third down. The Wildcats are driving the ball. They have a first down at the Texan 37 yard line.

9:03:38 PM: //nlb// LiveBlog: ACU at Tarleton St.

9:06:04 PM: 2Q 1:00 Gale completes a pass to Gibbs down to the Texan four yard line.

9:07:15 PM: 2Q 0:57 The Wildcats have 3rd and goal from the 3. Wildcat timeout.

9:10:19 PM: 2Q 0:50 Gates catches the ball in the end zone, but is ruled out of bounds. The Wildcats have to settle for a FG. 6-0 ACU.

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