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Police Log: 09/18/2009

By Staff
Posted on September 18, 2009 | Police Log | Comments Off on Police Log: 09/18/2009

September 8, 2009

07:29   STOLEN VEHICLE — Report of a vehicle submerged in the creek EN 10th/Stevenson Drive. Fire Department responding. Sgt. Delony responded to see if he could assist in traffic direction. The submerged vehicle was just reported as stolen from Southwest Abilene.

21:12   ALARM, TEAGUE SPECIAL EVENTS CENTER —Texas Fire & Safety reported a trouble alarm in Zone 3, #114. Officer Rogers responded and heard an audible trouble signal in the pane. The system would not reset, but officers did succeed in deactivating the audible signal.

September 9, 2009

00:39   SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY — Officer Bristow contacted two subjects in Will Hair park after hours. They were by the east side base ball field concession. Everything checked out.

09:11   SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY — 10-37 B/M riding bike with back pack in church lot. Subject was riding small kids bike and did not fit college age appearance that normally parks in that lot. Sgt. Woodard located subject at EN 15th and Avenue F and ID him. Subject said he was looking for United Grocery on Ambler or Wild Bills Pawn.

12:10   CRIMINAL TRESPASS WARNING, ACU BUSINESSES/FACILITIES, MCGLOTHLIN CAMPUS CENTER — Subject was located and criminal trespassed from ACU property.

September 10, 2009

12:54   PARKING VIOLATION — BMW SUB parked parallell to west curb in front of 2002 Campus Court where it is clearly posted NO parking. City citation issued.

01:00   PARKING VIOLATION — Officer Valdez contacted subject by phone and had her move her car because it was blocking alley.

September 11, 2009

07:56   ANIMAL CALL — Calling party advised two German Shepard dogs chasing cars by Hunter Welcome Center. Officer Valdez responded to ACU Drive south of EN 16th street. Man is outside the car with two large German Shepard dogs. Subject had both dogs on leash. Dogs appeared friendly. Subject stated he stopped and opened the door to get an item that had fallen out of his car and the dogs jumped out of the car.

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