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Professors contribute to book of Biblical commentary

By Staff
Posted on March 4, 2009 | News | Comments Off on Professors contribute to book of Biblical commentary

For the past six years, upwards of 50 scholars from across the country, including some ACU professors, have been working on a one-volume commentary of the Bible called The Transforming Word.

Dr. Nancy Shankle, chair and professor in the Department of English, served as one of four associate editors for The Transforming Word. The other editors were Ken Cukrowski, associate dean of Biblical Studies; James Thompson, professor of New Testament and Kay Onstead Chair for Biblical Studies; and John Willis, chair of Biblical Studies and professor of Old Testament. The general editor, Dr. Mark Hamilton, professor in the Graduate School of Theology, worked on the entire commentary.

“Every Bible scholar should have three books on their bookshelf in addition to the Bible itself: a Bible dictionary, a Bible concordance and a Bible commentary,” Shankle said.

The intended audience for The Transforming Word is Bible teachers around the world, along with anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of the word of God.

The commentary that professors worked on may be world-renowned in time.

This commentary is only one-volume, which makes it easier to read than others because it is condensed and more readily available, Shankle said.

“The Transforming Word helps people who are reading the Bible and come across a passage they don’t understand,” Shankle said. “They can use this commentary to help them better comprehend what they are reading.”

She said the goal of this commentary is to be used as a reference book when looking for a better understanding of the Bible itself.

“I hope readers will use this volume for their own personal studies and preparing to teach in the many ways Christians teach,” Hamilton told ACU Today. “I hope the book will help all of us read Scripture with understanding, feeling and commitment.”

The Transforming Word was published by the ACU Press and is available for purchase in The Campus Store or online at If bought online, the price for this book runs at $69.95, plus shipping and handling. If bought in The Campus Store, it only costs $69.95.

The Transforming Word has been reviewed by sources such as the Christian Chronicle. This one volume-book is 1,136 pages of commentary on every book of the Bible.

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