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Volunteer Opportunities for Feb. 6, 2004

By Staff
Posted on February 6, 2004 | Announcements | Comments Off on Volunteer Opportunities for Feb. 6, 2004

Volunteers are needed to help with the Habitat for Humanity marathon run on Feb. 14.

Spring Season Nursing Home needs volunteers to help with a number of activities throughout the semester. This includes anything from helping with bingo to decorating for different holidays. For a list of activities, go to the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center.

Volunteers are needed to provide childcare during Lectureship Feb. 22-25. There are morning and evening sessions that need to be covered.

Volunteers are needed to practice English conversation with a group of Japanese students who will be visiting ACU from Feb. 17 to March 3. Please e-mail Laura Blake at in ACU’s Institute of Intensive English if interested in learning more about this.

Male volunteers are needed to participate in “Brother 2 Brother.” For more information call 677-7839.

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