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Police Log: 10/10/2003

By Staff
Posted on October 10, 2003 | Police Log | Comments Off on Police Log: 10/10/2003

Monday 09/29/2003

7:40 a.m. Theft report over the phone
8:45 a.m. Parking violations in Bible lot
9:40 a.m. Booted vehicle in Bible lot
10:30 a.m. Booted vehicle in Gardner lot
12:10 p.m. Removed boot from vehicle in Gardner lot
12:15 p.m. Removed boot from vehicle in Bible lot
1:50 p.m. Escort of burned building off campus
2:15 p.m. Removed boot from vehicle in Nelson lot
6:30 p.m. Report of pickup dumping trash on campus, were gone on arrival
9:30 p.m. Assisted APD with off-campusarrest of non student, Possible. Of Marijuana
11:12 p.m. Report of subject inside of residence off campus, Checked out, all 10-4

Tuesday 09/30/2003

10:00 a.m. Booted vehicle in Gardner lot
10:10 a.m. Booted 2nd vehicle in Gardner lot
12:45 p.m. Vehicle accident at EN 16th, Campus Court
1:50 p.m. Unlock vehicle at Shell Station on Judge Ely
2:26 p.m. Removed boot from vehicle in Gardner lot
3:00 p.m. Escort to UP
6:10 p.m. Phone harassment report at UP case 03-189
8:30 p.m. Incomplete 911 at Mabee Hall Room 209
10:30 p.m. Escort student to residence
10:40 p.m. Report of suspicious vehicle, unable to locate

Wednesday 10/01/2003

10:00 a.m. Booted vehicle in Bible lot
10:55 a.m. Parking violations in McKinzie lot
11:25 a.m. Removed boot from vehicle in Bible lot
12:10 p.m. Follow up on earlier harassment report
1:15 p.m. Report from Dallas Sheriffs Office, possible computer crime (open case)
1:25 p.m. Report of broken glass, possible burglary of motor vehicle in parking lot of WPAC, checked OK.
3:05 p.m. Booted vehicle on ACU Drive
3:27 p.m. Removed boot on ACU Drive
5:35 p.m. Vehicle accident on EN 16th and Campus Court
10:50 p.m. Report of female yelling at Chambers area, unable to locate
11:50 p.m. Students vehicle rollled out of gear in the road at UP, removed.

Thursday 10/02/2003

1:00 p.m. Found wallet, took it to the office
1:20 p.m. Returned wallet to owner
3:50 p.m. Theft of bike from Smith Hall (Case# 03-190)
4:50 p.m. Report of burglary at Don Morris Center, checked OK.
5:45 p.m. Theft of bike from Smith Hall, 03-191
6:10 p.m. Report of air conditioner out at Chapel on the Hill, contacted maint.
7:40 p.m. Found stolen bike, 03-190

Friday 10/03/2003

3:10 p.m. Theft report of bike
4:05 p.m. Report of subject on the scaffolding at Bible building
Saturday 10/04/2003
3:00 a.m. Found three students breaking curfew at Mabee/Edwards lot, referred to Hall Director
6:23 a.m. Incomplete 911 at UP 334B, checked OK, misdialed
12:01 p.m. Report of two juveniles jumping from trees at Mall area
2:30 p.m. Theft report of signs from Church lot

Sunday 10/05/2003

12:40 a.m. Criminal mischief, McKinzie lot, vehicle da.m.aged by water balloons, Case #03-194
11:50 a.m. Fire alarm at Edwards Hall, smoke coming from washer or dryer area, notifed Physical Resources.
4:10 p.m. Fire alarm at Edwards
8:45 p.m. Unlock vehicle at Taco Bell
9:45 p.m. Unlock vehicle at Library lot

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